Strange Beauty

by Special Costello

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Robert Chapman
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Robert Chapman I think Strange Beauty may have topped Music and Image as my favourite song by you guys. This 5-song EP, album, whatever you wanna call it, is absolutely excellent and worth picking up. A joyous musical experience from beginning to end. I especially love the ambiance of Staycation. Favorite track: Strange Beauty.


I was listening to a lot of Prince. I was letting a lot of shit go by. Now he's gone, and I still have these songs. I hope they would have made him smile.


released May 11, 2016

This is for Kel, my big sister and best friend.



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Special Costello Halifax, Nova Scotia


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Track Name: September Rain
The ugliness in your head still clinging to you like september rain, lurking figures in a dark room, condensation glistening in the moon's full gleam, what could it possibly mean? does it portend the seeds of destruction coming into springs full bloom? does it ominously imply a future full of shady deals and greased palms and cogs in the machine?

their eyes all aglow in the faded morning light, you try to call out for a feeling but your head remains buried in the sands of sleep, question you shall the images set out before you but to attempt to contort contort and coerce them will be futile, these evil hulking masses will explode into light, forcing the scene to change, bringing you to the edge of a blown out building, third floor, yer staring out into a razed farm field, the brown and grey so strong it forms an imprint on your brain, never think of this as just a happening, it's significance can not easily be put into words, you wake up, you wake up, you wake up, wake up, wake up
Track Name: Strange Beauty
He was tall and star eyed
She knows so much of this world
His mind was made for mad love
Her mind was made to understand

It was a strange, strange beauty that brought them closer I was told
It's a strange. strange beauty they sing songs about it on the radio

I know of it's serenity
I know the restlessness of Love
Some say it comes from within
Some believe it comes from above

It is a strange strange beauty that brings us closer in the end
it is a strange strange beauty that makes this life worth living

if we keep going this way if we don't open our hearts, then what do we really have to show for our lives?

strange beauty that clears a path along the way
strange strange beauty that which gives purpose to my days
Track Name: Collateral
man sits down to work often all alone 1000 miles away he assumes control of an MQ-9 Reaper Hunter Killer drone raining hell's fire destroying people's homes civilian life in war zones listed collateral
He drives back to his little white house on Greta Lane in Indian Springs he turns on his TV reruns always the same he tries to ease his mind the blood begins to flow he makes the volume louder of that fucking show he sticks the needle in the blood begins to flow
I can't tell which is the worse injustice:
The fact that this man is a murderer disguised as a guardian or the fact that he will die a hero, a celebrated hero, a celebrated war hero, withering with old age.